Toward constructive understanding of intelligence

The human body, which is an interface between the brain and the external environment, plays important roles that modulate, transmit sensory information, and decode motor commands to realize adaptive behaviors. In this laboratory, we hypothesize that the adaptive intelligence of biological beings emerges from complex interaction among a body, a brain, and an external environment. Our researches are focusing on how it can be designed in robots and how the robots constructively explain the adaptive intelligence of biological beings.

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About visitting

Hosoda Laboratory, Adaptive Robotics Laboratory directed by Prof. Koh Hosoda, is a member of Dept. of System Innovation, Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University. In our department, you can study in English. For people who are considering the addmission of our university, there is a scheduled lab tour of robotics laboratories in Osaka University. If it is not available or media request, please e-mail us individually.

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